Sticker album nostalgia for your iPad

the app

Each packet brings blind assorted stickers for the thrill of not knowing what comes next!

Trade duplicate stickers with your friends and find that one person who holds the sticker you’ve been long waiting!

All stickers are animated! Just tap and watch.

Each sticker has a little story, adding an extra bit of fun!



Wunderbunnie is a super
hero bunny
He will introduce you to a whole
bunch of bunnies and other
quirky beings living in Sassiland.
Elisa Sassi & Sassiland
Elisa Sassi is the artist behind
Sassiland. Illustrating since she was
a little kid, Elisa shares through
Gloo and Wunderbunnie a little bit
of her amusing imagination.
What’s in for you
10 themed pages
100 animated stickers
5 blind assorted stickers per packet
Bunnies galore, get to know them all!
And if you have an iPhone
Carry the stickers in your pocket,
buy and open packets, trade and
manage your collection even when
you don’t have your album with you.

Bunch of gifts

From Gloo & Wunderbunnie to you
Icons Icons

Animated gifs:

catch a glimpse of the stickers as they animate in the album. Use them on emails, SMS and chats! Click each one to open and save.
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